This enquiry concentrates on the future of the last untouched wilderness on the face of the planet- Antarctica. It is refuge for many unique animals found nowhere else. It is my personal thought that said species should be left to develop independently without human intervention.

Most people know that the Antarctic Treaty was signed towards the end of the fifties. Its main aims were these:

  • Ensure scientific cooperation
  • Make measures to protect the environment
  • Obliterate operational issues

But this agreement ended in 1991, leaving Antarctica's future uncertain, and countries to argue over this remote land. Views often clashed, and arguments did indeed break out constantly. Worst case scenario Antarctica's future could end in a war.

WWIII is not needed to ensure the safety of Antarctica. Decisions, however, will have to be made quickly, before Antarctica is lost- most likely at our own hands or that of Global Warming.

So- Antarctica, wilderness or wasteland?

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