Antarctica embraces the South Pole with sheets of the thickest ice on earth. It is more than 58 times the size of Great Britain, and twice the size of Australia. It is the coldest place on the planet, with temperatures falling below -50 degrees. Also, it is the windiest, with winds that can reach 190 m.p.h. Technically, with the criteria the term requires, it can be considered as a desert, due to the fact that precipitation is rare.

It is very remote, with only 800 scientists from various nations living there, though none permanently- and no plant life can grow because of the intense cold that is a typical part of Antarctica's climate. There are NO polar bears in Antarctica as they live in the Arctic, whih is often confused by it's colder "twin" on the opposite end of the earth. There are penguins, however; some of the only birds incapable of flight. Doesn't that make Antarctica special in its own unique way? It is vast; if you stood at the centre of it there would be over 1000 miles of sheer ice around you.

It is special also because there are many sought-after resources there, and many square meals. People from Australia and New Zealand like to fish the Antarctic cod for their fish markets.It's also special because there is a heck of a lot of krill there- the weight of all the krill in the world will outweigh all 7 billion humans.

Other resources are minerals like iron supposedly hidden under the ice. It is believed there is also oil there- so oil companies want permission to dig underneath and gather it for money and to keep up our economy.I don't think this is a good idea because it would take ages for Antarctica to recover from an oil spill.

It's fragile because it can melt because of global warming- or broken by human machines.

Is getting oil really the answer to mankind's troubles?


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